Export to OpenOffice

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26. Some tips for successful work with OpenOffice.org


1. Install OpenOffice.org 4.1.1 or higher.

2. Install AutomateIT-0.9.6-alpha (it is used to connect to OpenOffice)

You can find a download link for OpenOffice at www.tile3d.com. After installing the above mentioned software package you will be able to export calculation results to OpenOffice instead of Excel.


3. Recommended settings for OpenOffice.org  (OpenOffice -> Parameters)


If a dot is used in Windows as a decimal symbol:

User interface -> Standard

Local settings -> Standard

Decimal symbol -> from OS settings

Default document language -> Western -> English


Actually all you need is to select language which uses decimal symbol set in Windows. Then all the figures will be correctly imported into OpenOffice Calc.