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Tile3D software is intended for use in ceramic tile stores. It could be used to demonstrate to your clients how one or another tile collection will look in a certain interior. Moreover, Tile3D will be useful for interior designers and for everybody who wants to upgrade his home interior.

Tile3D allows you to create a 3D model of a room with doors, windows, sanitary ware and other 3D objects, cover walls and floor with tile, wallpapers, linoleum or any other finishing material. In addition to high-quality visualization, Tile3D allows you to calculate the quantity of needed tile or any other finishing material, depending on the size of the room and project settings. This feature will help you to accurately estimate the cost of materials.

The program allows you to export data to external render (Pov-Ray) format. Using Pov-Ray you can get realistic, high-quality images of your project (for version 7.XX+Render).

Program installation should be done in a way that the user has FULL RIGHTS on operation in the directory of the program and all subdirectories. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install the program as administrator by right clicking on the installation file and selecting "Run as administrator”.


Program registration

Scene View Navigation

1. Creating New Project

2. Creating Room Contour

3. Editing Contour

To create a room based on the contour, click on button.

3.1. Wall Editor

3.2. Main contour editting

4. Block Editor

5. Selecting Wall, Floor or Ceiling

6. Placing Window

7. Placing Door

8. Surface Covering Mode. To enter the mode click on button.

8.1.  Creating Surface

8.2.  Creating Surface based on custom Contour

8.3.  Defining Grid Origin Corner

8.4.  Grid Origin Settings

8.5.  Changing Grid Origin Point

8.6.  Grout Parameters

8.7.  Tile Laying

8.8.  Grid rotation angle

8.9.  Select, delete tiles

8.10. Replacing tiles of one type to another

8.11. Dimensions

8.12. Undo/Redo Mode for Surface

8.13. Surface Coverage with Layouts based on Templates

8.14. Rotate the tiles on the permissible angles

8.15. Shift/Turn/Insert (entire surface)

8.16. Show tile sizes

8.17. To delete all templates tiles from the Surface click on button.

8.18. To delete all tiles from the Surface click on button.

9. Surface Data Calculation

10. To delete the whole Surface with all tiles on it click on button.

11. To switch between 2D and 3D view of the Surface click on button.

12. After you have completed editing Surface or covering it with riles, you should transfer Surface back to the Room. In order to do it click on button.

13. Working with Layouts

13.1 Layouts of the Tiles based on Templates.

13.1.1. List of templates.

13.2 Wall coatings copying

14. Placing 3dt and 3ds objects

14.1 Importing 3D objects from the site

15. Placing light sources

16. Additional features in the menu

17. To calculate project data (tile quantity, coverage area, material consumption) click on button.

18. To delete the whole project click on button.

19. To switch between 2D and 3D view of the Project click on button.

20. To save the project click on button (or select 'File->Save', 'File->Save as').

21. To open existing project click on button.

22. Working with materials database

22.1. Curled tiles editor

22.2 Importing 3D objects from a website

22.5. Bump mapping settings

23. System Settings

24. Creating Elevation

25. Visualization

26. Export to OpenOffice

27. External render (for version 7.XX+Render)

Render installation

27.1 Render settings window

27.2 Screen/File/Options Panel

27.21 Radiocity Panel

27.3 Light/Sun Panel

27.4 Materials Panel

27.5 Objects Panel

27.6 Object properties window

27.7 Result window

27.8 Quick rendering settings

27.9 Rendering project with a view outside the window

27.10 Spherical Panorama settings window

27.11 Spherical Panorama Viewer