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"Tile3D" — a software for those who are engaged in tile

Tile3D is specially designed for use in ceramic tile stores. It could be used to demonstrate to your clients how one or another tile collection will look in a certain interior. In addition, Tile3D will be useful for interior designers and for everybody who wants to upgrade his home interior.

Tile3D won't cause any difficulties even for the beginner, thanks to its user friendly interface and easy navigation. The program allows you to create a 3D model of a room with doors, windows, sanitary ware and other 3D objects, select a necessary tile from the catalog, plan design, lay tile and, if necessary, make appropriate changes.

Выполненно в версии Prof + Render

In addition to high-quality visualization, Tile3D allows you to calculate the quantity of needed tile, depending on the size of the room and the project settings. This feature will help you to accurately estimate the cost of materials.

Tile3D users can add tile collections to the program by themselves or download them from the website. In "Collections" section on our website you'll find ceramic tile collections from the majority of world's tile manufactures. Tile collections are updated on a daily basis. Moreover, we are ready to create customized tile collections for program users. Each new collection that appears in tile stores can be easily uploaded into the program.

Program versions

for home use
Create 3D model of the room, lay tile and place 3D objects in your project. Ability to move tiles on a surface and change tile laying angle. Calculation of material consumption. + + +
Create columns and murals with curvilinear surfaces, create openings and hollows. Ability to edit wall height and thickness - + +
Create improved visualization, create wall elevations, export calculation results to Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc - + +
Export project to POV-Ray external render in order to get high-quality photorealistic images - - +
1 year access to "Collections" section of the website (you get 1 year access for free when you buy primary workstation license of any Tile3D PROF version) * - + +
Ability to prolong access to "Collections" section of the website - + +
License period: 1 month unlimited unlimited
Cost of primary workstation license $89 $389 $589
Cost of additional workstation license $195 $295

* — In "Collections" section of the website you can download tile collections, layouts, 3D objects for Tile3D software. You get 1 year access to "Collections" section for free when you buy primary workstation license of any Tile3D PROF version. Upon expiration of the access, Tile3D PROF users can prolong it by purchasing "1 year access to Collections".

What Tile3D version to choose?

Our clients often don’t know what Tile3D version to buy. In order to decide what Tile3D version suits you best we recommend them to have a look at Tile3d versions comparison table. In this table you can clearly see the difference in functionality and price between Tile3D versions.

Tile3D HOME is a special version of Tile3D software with limited functions designed for home users only. For example, if you are going to design interior of your bathroom, kitchen or any other room where tile is used and don't want to hire a designer, then Tile3D HOME is a perfect choice for you. Tile3D HOME license period: 3 months. Tile3D HOME users don't have access to "Collections" section where you can download tile collections and 3D objects. However, Tile3D HOME users can add tile collections and 3D objects by themselves or contact us at and ask us to add up to 3 tile collections you need to "Free download" section.

Tile3D PROF is a basic Tile3D version for ceramic tile stores, interior designers and professionals engaged in laying tile. Together with primary workstation license of Tile3D PROF you get 1-year free access to "Collections" section where you can download tile collections and 3D objects. Upon expiration of the access Tile3D PROF users can prolong it by purchasing "1 year access to Collections". If you haven't found some tile collections on the website, you can send a request and will add specified tile collections as soon as possible. Another advantage of Tile3D PROF is that after purchasing one primary workstation license you can purchase additional workstation licenses. Additional workstation license is twice cheaper than a primary one. Therefore, if you need to install Tile3D software on several workstations, you can save you money by purchasing on primary workstation license and several additional workstation licenses.

Tile3D PROF+RENDER is the most powerful version of Tile3D software for ceramic tile stores, interior designers, etc. It consists of Tile3D PROF and a module of export to POV-Ray external render. Using Tile3D PROF+RENDER you can create photorealistic, high-quality images of a project, which will surely impress your customers and convince them to make a purchase.

In order to compare the level of visualization in Tile3D PROF and Tile3D PROF+RENDER, you can view 8 images of the project Bath_Mosaica_Retro (you can find this project in Tile3D Demo). 4 of these images were created using usual visualization in Tile3D PROF and other 4 using POV-Ray l render in Tile3D PROF+RENDER.


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