System Settings

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23. Using 'System Settings' window you can: 

- set the height of the cameras position relative to the floor

- turn Undo/Redo mode on or off

- select anti-aliasing level (if your graphic card allows to do it):

'None' turns anti-aliasing off;

'Default' - sets anti-aliasing level according to graphic card settings;

'aa2x' - anti-aliasing will work using 2x2 pixel matrix;

'aa4x' - anti-aliasing will work using 4x4 pixel matrix.

It is better to change anti-aliasing level before loading a project, because it is impossible to change anti-aliasing level when bump mapping or gloss are used in the project. Sometimes after you change anti-aliasing, it is necessary to adjust the gridlines. In order to do that you should use the 'Gridlines thickness' field.

Below youll see three images showing three different levels of anti-aliasing: none, aa2x, aa4x

On the “Calculation settings” tab you could set tile calculation parameters:

- set tile calculation parameters (for tiled coverings)

On the “Calculation settings” tab you could set the size dimension lines spacing and color, dimension font and font height: