Quick rendering settings

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27.8. Lets adjust the project Bath_Piper.bin, which is included in the program. Below you can see the appearance of this project.

'Radiosity Calculation of the reflected light' and high-quality anti-aliasing are the main factors that increase rendering time. Therefore, we will set Anti-aliasing to 8 and switch off Radiosity.


The size of the image affects rendering time too, so the image size will be 640 x 480. The number of light sources as well as processing of transparent, shiny and reflective surfaces also increases rendering time. There is only one light source in the project the lamp Bejorama1979 Guero.3ds. Below you can see light source settings:

We have used default material settings (Ambient and Diffuse) and set 0.03 Reflection for all wall tiles, 0.10 for all floor tiles.

Weve adjusted objects using quick replacement and polishing buttons. All chromium surfaces Chrome1, Polishing 2 and 3; the lamp - Gold_Dark_Gold material Gold 1, Polishing 2; the vase with a leaf (55_Bowl.3ds) vase material Glass 5, Polishing 2, also we have changed the leaf material we have made it more green. Ceramic surfaces without changes, Polishing 3. The mirror (55_Mirror) - 04_Default material quick replacement to mirror.

You can check other settings by yourself, their adjustment wont cause any difficulties. Below you can see the result of rendering::

Rendering time in version 3.7 beta using Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 Ghz 20 seconds.

Rendering time in version 3.62 using Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 Ghz (only one core was used) 35 seconds.