Replacing tiles of one type to another

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8.10. Click on to replace the coating mode. The button is available when the room is displayed in the whole and in the coverage of a single surface. The scope is determined by the source of the operation. When it is called from a room there are the following available areas: 'Entire project', 'Wall', 'Blocks'. When it is called from the coverage of a single surface: 'Entire surface', 'Selected tiles'. If the tiles have been selected before calling, the replacement area 'Selected tiles' is done automatically.


The scope of replacement can be changed into the available one in this form. In case of changing all the sets are removed and the list of the tiles of the project is re-read again. This list is filled with the first column of the table on the left. The rightmost column of this table displays the size of the cover. The right table lists the coatings have already been added to the project. By double-click on the button 'Project coatings' (top right table), you can use reference materials to select and add the new coatings. When you add they will be added automatically to the directory of the coatings project.


To replace one coating into another, set the selection line in the table on the left to the desired position and by double click of the left mouse button select the desired coating for the replacement in the right table of the project`s coatings. The size of the coating should match. The selected coating is put to the column 'Replace by' and a tag is set in the field 'On'. To remove the replacement click twice the left mouse button on the line installed to replace the tiles. The substitution will be removed. To perform the operation click 'Replace' after the settings.


The replacement shall be made without mutual influence of substitutions in the substitution list. That is, if there are tiles 1 and 2 on the wall the replacements of type 1->2, 2->1 will lead to the fact that the tiles will swap their places.