Shift of all the tiles on the surface

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8.15. The shift off all tiles on the surface. This mode is called by pressing the right mouse button on the desired surface.

However, the selected surface is copied to a new window and it is possible to move the coating on the selected distance using the buttons 'Left', 'Right', 'Up', 'Down' in the right pane by setting the pre-shift distance in X or Y. Thus if the tiles are 'undercut' by the external (or the internal) surface contour, the shift of the mode is correct for them (i.e. the value of the cut is converted). If the tiles as a result of the shift are outside the surface, they disappear. If an empty space appears in the result of the shift, it is not filled with tiles, because the tiles do not store their history of appearance on the surface. But the ability to edit the surface (for example, to add rectangular tiles after shifting) with the help of laying techniques remains.

You can use the button to move the surface to the project after editing.