Undo/Redo Mode for Surface

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8.12. When covering surface, you can use canceling last operations Mode (Undo), as well as return them after canceling (Redo). If the surface and all the tiles are deleted, the operation buffer for canceling is cleared. Undo/Redo Mode Setting is located in the Menu "File" -> "System Settings". The option is available only in Selected Surface for Covering Mode.


Mode Undo/Redo include the following:

- create, delete and edit the contour

- create, remove surface

- changing of  the position of the base point

- coating the surface with tiles or rolls

- removal of tiles or rolls

- replacement coatings


All operations on selecting tiles are not included in Undo / Redo mode


Access to Undo/Redo operations:

- menu Mode -> Undo or Ctrl+Z

- menu Mode -> Redo or Ctrl+Y

- buttons Undo/Redo in the lower left corner of the main form