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The program consists of Tile3D PROF and a module of export to POV-Ray external render.

Tile3D PROF+RENDER allows you to export data to POV-Ray render format. Using POV-Ray you can get realistic, high-quality images of your project.

Rendering is the most capacious computing process. One of the main aims of rendering is creating an image as close to reality as possible. While rendering the computer is taking into account all factors to get maximum-realistic images.

Tile3D PROF+RENDER supports export to POV-RAY official version 3.62 and 3.7 RC 2. Both render versions are 32bit and are intended for use with Microsoft Windows OS. Unlike version 3.62, the version 3.7 RC 2 supports multiprocessing, that is, if you have a multi-core processor, the program will use all cores and that will lead to proportional increase in speed of rendering.

New in version 7.03 PROF+RENDER (comparing to version 6.0)

  • Ability to create Spherical Ponorama using render;
  • If a block touches wall, floor or ceiling its surface is excluded from wall/floor/ceiling surface. The same thing happens when one block touches another block. It helps to increase the accuracy of tile consumption calculation. Example →
  • Now it is possible to change textures, size and position of any door or window. If at this time the wall has a cover on it, the program will prompt you to remove it.
  • Ability to save the project at the stage of closed-loop (before the creation of 2D/3D);
  • Improved report form and elevation drawing;
  • Ability to create a backup of tile database. Ability to restore tile database from backup;
  • Ability to repair tile database (it helps if you can’t add tiles to the database);
  • Grid Origin Point "sticks" to cursor after you double-click on it (it helps you to quickly reposition Grid Origin Point);
  • Ability to delete the last point while drawing contour by pressing Ctrl+Q;
  • Ability to hide 3D objects (same as hiding walls). 3D objects remain hidden on room scheme;
  • You can place objects (3D models, blocks) on the ceiling;
  • You can edit a block after it has been placed in the room (it is possible to change block's rotation and thickness);
  • You can edit windows and doors after they have been placed in the room;
  • Direct import of tile collections from an archive (without a need to unzip archive);
  • Improved data optimization (protects tile database from failures);
  • Updated dimensioning of the walls with two surfaces;
  • Ability to show hollow dimensions;
  • Improved display of small tiles (due to tile optimization during import).

Tile3D PROF+RENDER features

  • Creating 3D model of the room;
  • Placing doors and windows;
  • Ability to create two coating areas on one surface;
  • Creating partitions and podiums;
  • Ability to move tiles on a surface and to change tile laying angle;
  • Placing 3D objects and blocks on the given coordinates;
  • Creating columns and curved surfaces as a part of a block;
  • Ability to save blocks in order to use them in other projects;
  • Creating openings of various shapes in blocks; ability to lay tile on internal surfaces of openings
  • Ability to create openings and niches of various shapes in walls and to lay tile on internal surfaces of walls;
  • Ability to edit height (only reduce) and thickness of the main contour walls
  • Ability to show dimensions for all surfaces;
  • Material consumption calculation (tile, glue, dry mix);
  • Adjusting 3D object's materials in Make3DT tool with ability to save changes;
  • Visualization mode (allows you to get realistic 3D-images);
  • Ability to set smoothing level in order to increase image quality (depends on your graphic card), to use and adjust bump mapping on surfaces, to turn on gloss effect, to adjust light brightness;
  • Ability to create report with room elevation, dimensions, project scheme, calculation results, etc.
  • Export calculation results to Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc;
  • Ability to print documents;
  • Ability to add tile collections to the program by yourself;
  • Downloading and importing tile collection to the program (this option is available only if you have access to "Collections" section of the website);
  • 1 year access to "Collections" section of the website (you get 1 year access for free when you buy primary workstation license of any Tile3D PROF version)*;
  • Ability to prolong access to "Collections" section of the website (you can do it by purchasing "1 year access to Collections" in "Purchase" section of the website)
  • Ability to buy additional workstation licenses (allows you to save 50% on every workstation purchase, this option is available only to users who have previously purchased primary workstation license).
  • Project export to POV-Ray external render in order to get high-quality photorealistic images. Ability to create Spherical Panorama using render.

* — In "Collections" section of the website you can download tile collections, layouts, 3D objects for Tile3D software. If you can’t find some tile collections you need in the "Collections" section of the website, you can send a request at In the request you should specify the name of the tile manufacturer, the name of the tile collection and links to the tile manufacturer/supplier website, when we can find tile textures and sizes.

You can learn about the other Tile3D version's features in the comparison table.

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